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How quickly can you install my air conditioner?

Generally all installs are completed within a week.

I’ve bought my own air conditioning unit elsewhere, can you install it?

Yes, we can install air conditioners that have been purchased elsewhere.

Do you service air conditioners?

Yes, we can complete a service for $110.

What deposit is required to secure my booking?

A 50% deposit is required to secure ALL bookings.

How do I pick the right product for me?

At Tech Power we offer free quotes and advice. Our experienced team will help guide you through your purchase and installation, providing the best option for you!

Can you supply my air conditioner as well as installing it?

Yes, we can supply and install starting from only $1299.

What brands are available?

We have all brands available upon request.

How often should I service my air conditioner?

An air conditioner should be service every 12 months depending on how often it is used.

How can I pay for my air conditioning unit?

Tech Power accepts VISA, MasterCard, eftpos, cheque and cash.

I have received another quote, will you be able to beat it?

We will beat any genuine written quote. All we need is to receive a copy of it.

Can I book an appointment on the weekend?

Yes, Tech Power does operate on selected weekends during winter and all weekends in the summer period.

Do you provide certificates of compliance?

Yes, we are completely qualified and will supply you a certificate of electrical safety and plumbing certificate that is required for all air conditioning installations.

Do I need to have a plumber to install the plumbing component of the air conditioner?

No. Here at Tech Power we are fully qualified to complete the full installation of the air conditioner.

What is split system air conditioning?

Split system air conditioning provides customers and consumers with a great deal of flexibility as far as controlling the airflow of specific rooms is concerned.
Split systems make use of separate single air conditioning units that are mounted to the wall of each room. This provides the user the ability to control the air conditioning and heating condition of each room.

What is a refrigerant?

A ‘refrigerant’ is the gas that is used in the operation of air conditioners. As the name might imply, this gas allows the refrigerator the ability to provide cool air.

How long should I expect my air conditioner to last?

If the unit is the right size for your environment, if you routinely clean the filters and air vents and have the systems serviced once a year, then you should expect five to ten years.

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